Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person“the stigma of mental disorder”. Synonyms: shame, disgrace, dishonor, ignominy, opprobrium, humiliation, (bad) reputation. “the stigma of bankruptcy”.

A mark of disgrace? Given to you, attached to you, branded onto you… by whom? By society? By the people who live in your town? Attend your school? Work in the cubicle beside you? By the infamous, ever present, “they” or “them”? Your mental health can only be a mark of disgrace (it burned my fingers to type that) if you allow it. So… don’t!

Assignment: Retrain your Brain.

You are special, different, unique by design. And by indulging what “they” think of you or your genetic makeup, you are giving away all of your magic powers – to them. You must protect your powers. Your powers are what make you super. They are your Superpowers. And they are infinite. You, magical being, are powerful far beyond measure. Don’t ever give any of it away.

Cliff Notes: Nothing about you is, was, or will ever be a mistake.

There’s nothing wrong with or disgraceful about the way you have been created. And just because others don’t understand your brain chemistry (that place where your powers are sourced), or because “they” are frightened by their own ignorance, that is solely their issue, not yours. If you experience depression, that means you are innately more compassionate, emotional, and empathetic. What a beautiful spirit power to share with others. If you are bipolar, your senses have been heightened and your creativity, energy, and courage give you feelings that rival mythic characters donning super capes and colorful knee high boots. And your therapist/psychiatrist is your sidekick. I’m thinking of designing my own cape with a Bedazzled “B” on it for Bipolar. And one for my doctors too. Yes, I need to get right on that.

Truth: You are as powerful as you think you are. Embrace your Super Power.

Meet Aura. Aura is a comic book character created by psychiatrist, Dr. Vasilis Pozios. Follow her on twitter @btdocs.

This is the story of Aura, aka Alexis Pope.

Aura is the story of Alexis Pope, a fledgling fashion designer based in Brooklyn who lives with bipolar disorder and associated migraines. Her headache harbinger – a rainbow-tinged visual aura – is actually an energy form that transforms her thoughts into physical projections. Alexis can also fly and levitate objects, all with the polychromatic power of her mind!

But despite her powers, Alexis has faced difficulties related to her bipolar disorder, she survived a suicide attempt and has struggled to find the right treatment. As if these challenges weren’t enough, the stigma associated with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder has caused Alexis to feel isolated and marginalized. With effective treatment, an empowered Alexis reframes the role mental illness plays in her life and embraces her heroic identity, forging ahead as the super hero Aura!

The Takeaway: You are not a stigma. You are a superhero.

This is your journey and everyone isn’t meant to understand your journey… focus only on what makes you fierce and strong. POPEYE had his spinach, SUPERMAN had the yellow sun (Vitamin D is truly a natural healer.). BATMAN had his gadgets. AURA has her migraines. Whatever gives you strength should be tossed into your feel-good- toolkit and used whenever you’re concerned about what others think – or when you’ve been given a mission to save the world.

This is your story. You are your own hero. Never allow anyone else to diminish your powers or tell your story. Now, I have to go shopping for my cape.

I love you!

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