July is NATIONAL MINORITY MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell’s advocacy work. And I’m working hard to destigmatize brain pain and to make silencing the mental monsters sexy all month –– and every month.


This Sunday, I’ll be featured on Chicago’s R&B radio station, 106.3 WSRB (http://www.1063chicago.com/) . Tune in at 9pm on 7/9/17 to hear my suicide survival story and some of my journey from Stanford University and cheering on the sidelines for the Chicago Bulls to the psychiatric ward under suicide watch.

My story is common – maybe not every detail but the overriding themes are all around us. Media and publicity are so important to creating safe spaces for life-saving conversations. We are just beginning to have these conversations without judgment, without misinformation, and without blame. And we need you to help us stomp out stigma so people feel safe enough to conquer their brain pain. Listen, learn, and share!


Last week was a busy one. I was also interviewed in Los Angeles for UTalk Radio’s live webcast where I shared my story of walking suicide’s tightrope. A few days later, we were on the radio in Chicago on WJNT 90.1 AM talking everything mental fitness! The following day we shared our survival story with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) at the Chicago Police Academy for their CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Training. They’re the ones who bravely come out to aid and assist when there is a mental health challenge that presents danger. #soproud

We’ll be doing advocacy work in Sacramento at the State Capitol for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and talking to state senators and legislators about important bills impacting our community.

Then we’ll be in Bloomington, IL speaking to sheriffs and police officers at the National CIT Conference. And included in the monumental month of July is New Choice Intervention where we’ll be sharing our story and workshopping our “Who Moved My Happy?” Mental Fitness Workbook.

Our big goal is to educate and inspire hope to those still living in their darkness. Life is meant to be lived… and mental fitness – which includes a fabulously loving, long-term management plan – is sexy! Your brain is an organ, and just like your heart or your kidneys, your brain can get sick; it can get better too. And that’s where the magic begins…

To Your Happy!

I love you… and I don’t have to know you to love you.

xo, Erika
P.S. Pick up your “Who Moved My Happy?” Mental Fitness Workbook here (http://xoerika.com/product/who-moved-my-happy-workbook/) .