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New Fiction Release: SQUAD GOALS

Meet Erika  J. Kendrick

Stanford Graduate • Ex NBA Cheerleader • Random House Author • MBA • Suicide Survivor

Erika J. Kendrick is an acclaimed writer, a national speaker, and a mental fitness expert. She earned a psychology degree from Stanford University and an MBA in marketing and international business from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Erika was an NBA cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls before writing her novels, Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader (Random House) and Appetite (Random House). Her debut middle grade novel, Squad Goals, with Little, Brown Publishing is set for release April 6, 2021. Erika recently signed a major deal for the next book in the series, Cookie Monsters, set for a 2022 release.


While at Stanford, Erika walked suicide’s tightrope and was diagnosed with acute Clinical Depression and Bipolar Disorder a few years later. While talking to audiences of all ages, Erika shares her story of brain pain and inspires hope by creating safe spaces for life-saving conversations.





now available

“Who Moved My Happy?” The Mental Fitness Workbook

A go-to guide for succesfully managing your mental health

Written with love and lived experience by Erika J. Kendrick.

“To Your Happy!!!
This workbook is my love letter to you and
your Happy.  It’s the path I take to slay my
mental monsters and conquer my brain
pain. You deserve a life filled with intentional,
authentic happy. And this is an amazing step
to getting you there. You’re worth it, you
always have been.
Always remember that I love you – and I
don’t have to know you to love you. Now, let’
go find your happy….”

The Mental Fitness Tour

Erika is now using her experiences walking suicide’s tightrope to connect and inspire

hope by creating safe spaces for life-saving conversations.



Join Us and Learn:

  • Key strategies to deal with your negative thoughts
  • Early warning signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • What you can do if you think you suffer from a mental illness
  • Strategies to support & talk with loved ones

Erika connects with audiences by drawing on her own personal experiences regarding suicide and depression by providing an honest and highly relevant perspective on mental health.

Dr. Patricia P. Watson Ed.D

Chicago Public Schools

Erika delivers an informed, inspired, and life-affirming testimony on living one’s purpose while managing Bipolar illness. Erika uplifts the human spirit and encourages us to begin a new dialogue on healthy living. Dr. Lauren M. Walton

Psychiatrist and Chief of Service, Department of Addiction Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

I wanted to say Thank You for sharing your story. My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia, depression, anxiety in late February early March of this year. She has thoughts of suicide and self-harms. Your story has given me hope that she can and I will say she will overcome what she is going through. Thank you for helping to open my eyes. You are an incredible, beautiful woman! You are an inspiration. Hearing from you has taken some of the worry and weight off of me. Thank you for being strong and sharing your story with others. Robyn, CA

A Loving Mother

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