We’ve recently been spreading love and inspiring Hope!

The last few weeks have been in honor of education, enlightenment, and gratitude! Team Happy flew out to Maryland for a TEDx Talk where we got on that infamous stage and talked everything Mental Illness, Suicide Prevention, and becoming a Bipolar Badass.

Huffington Post: Erika Kendrick, Styling, Smiling & CNQR’ing With Stilettos – A Fabulously Flawed Woman, & Her Journey in Mental Health

I am in immense gratitude about the HUFFINGTON POST Article done on my story. Even better that it was written by my mental health rockstar role model, Kevin Hines. And even better than that… it went live just in time for NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS MONTH!

Read The Article Here

We also spoke at the Headquarters for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) where we worked to educate around mental illness and suicide prevention because the number of people who kill themselves using buses, trains, and subways is on the rise. And while I appreciated the standing ovation, I appreciate the dedication and devotion to working to improve the transit system more than anything.

Shortly after that, we spoke at the Graduate School of Nursing at the University of Illinois to an auditorium of folks I’d be honored to have as my psych nurse. Innovation. Compassion. Collaboration.

And we were honored to be the guest speaker at an annual boxing fundraiser that helped raise over $10,000 for NAMI Chicago– the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

And speaking of NAMI, a sincere THANK YOU to NAMI California for the feature article done on my mental health journey and my experience walking suicide’s tightrope. I appreciate the opportunity to share and connect.

Read The Article Here

We’re now gearing up for National Depression Screening Day where we’ll be the keynote speaker at Tennessee State University. We’re also pumping up our mental health mojo to present at the Police Academy Headquarters for the Crisis Intervention Team Training and to the sheriffs of Illinois.

And a special thank you to all the radio and blogs who have helped us share and connect with your audiences to continue to spread love and inspire hope. You make this all possible.

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